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Cloud Engineer. Building and Operating DevOps Pipelines, Kubernetes and Automation on AWSLearning and Sharing about AI and MLOPSSustainability Enthusiast - Writing weekly newsletter on "the sustainability hub"

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Cloud Work



Setup, Operation and Automation of EKS infrastructure and Workloads.


Implement Integration and Deployment Pipelines for your AWS workloads
Create Pipelines to build deploy and maintain Container Images



Setup | Troubleshoot GitHub Actions and workflowsHelp Automate GitHub with related cloud resources

Getting to know AI

Learning and Sharing all things AI and MLOps

As a newbie to the world of Machine Learning and AI, sharing the learnings and tips as blog posts.

Towards a Sustainable Future

The Sustainability Hub

Newsletter about sustainability, getting to know the basics and how its implemented in various industries. Come Learn with me as the world moves towards a sustainable future.


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